Saturday, March 23, 2013


        “Let me tell you my story. I am the observer, I am Hardly. I am a shape shifter. You will see me in your dreams. I can be whomever you seek. You will feel me before you see me. I evolve from the trees, I am the grounding element. I will guide you.
        When I am with you, you can be fearless, because you know that I am observing. You can dis-attach for I am on guard.
        I have always been. There are no beginning and no end. I am the Dreamwalker. I give you puzzles, I bring you questions. You shall seek me in times of trouble and in times of glory. I am always with you, you are not alone.
       There are times of learning approaching. You will use me to help others. You will learn to be me, you will learn how to walk into the dreams of others.”
-: Rosie’s dream
        I feel your arm around me, it feels so good. You have strong hands, you have a powerful wrist, you have a gentle touch. I close my eyes again and dive back into the dream, the dream of you and me.
        I am looking at a gauge. The indicator, that little arrow, is moving back and forth. It is “on”, 90%, 95%, it swoops down to 70%. I gaze at it hypnotically, watching the needle bounce up and down.
        Then, it drops, smoothly gliding from 95% across the numbers to 0%, no more. It is dark. I am watching the gauge, the tip of the arrow transforms into an insect. It crawls away across the panel. I wake up, and you are gone.
-: excerpt from Rosie’s dream diary.

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