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"The End"; in fact this was the beginning...

The End of the World as We Know It 
“Ooooooohhhhh! I hurt! What the bleep happened last night? Did I black out? Where am I?” Roz pried her eyes open. She looked around. She was lying on the floor beside a stranger; man or woman, she couldn’t tell. There were ashtrays, pipes, empty glasses and bottles strewn around. She felt the thought numbing headache searing her head. She didn’t recognize anything or anyone; trying to focus her thoughts, there was only fog. She rolled over and crawled to the bathroom. “Hello Ralph, I say good morning to the porcelain god.”
Slowly she stood, and found the door. Leaning against the door, she tried to gather herself. “Ok, what am I doing? Right, I want to go home and take a shower; wash off the dregs of last night. Now where am I anyway? How did I get here?” This was the first time she had blacked out.
She turned and peered out the door, opening it inch by inch. She saw a porch she didn’t’ recognize; there was stuff she didn’t recognize and there was noise. She was assaulted by the racket; people, yelling at each other. What was going one? They seemed to be wandering around, lost, stumbling into each other. Everyone was lost. Roz had forgotten her name, she had forgotten where she was, and she had forgotten where she was going. She was lost, too.
“I remember singing that song; ‘It’s the end of the world and I know it.’ Oh yeah, well I don’t feel fine!” The interest in the end of the Mayan Calendar was all that anyone was talking about on New Years day, 2012. What would it mean? Would it really mean the end of life as we know? Any way, what is life as we know it, struggle, play, love, or war? There were three groups of people on the night of December 21, 2012. Those with hope, those with fear, and who didn’t know, didn’t care. Rosie was hopeful, Roz was didn’t care. There were two ways to celebrate the winter solstice that year; with hope for the future, releasing the past, or by holding on to the past and fearing of the future.
Roz walked. She walked for hours, up and down the streets. Everyone she passed looked like they were in shock; everyone looked like they were lost.
She finally found something familiar, a house. She went in. She walked from room to room touching the ceramic horses on the top of the piano, reading the bills on the kitchen counter; there was no one there. She didn’t remember that this was the home that she shared with Rosie; she didn’t remember Rosie. She did remember why she was there. She went upstairs to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. What she saw was not the image she expected. The girl in the mirror looked like a zombie, dark sunken eyes, shriveled lips, matted hair. She went to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet; rifling through it, she found some aspirin and took some. Then she turned on the shower. When she saw the water beating down, she stepped in and stood with the tepid water pounding on her back, streaming over her shoulders, soaking her tired body. The water washed away some of the pain, some of the ache, some of the regret. Then she went to bed. “Maybe if I get a good sleep, I will remember”


They were as different as night and day, as black and white, as joy and gloom, yet Rosie and Roz were sisters; twin sisters. Born on May 28, 1994, in numerology they are #11; they are #2; in astrology they are Gemini, the twins.
While Rosie learned to dance, Roz played tennis; while Rosie studied astrology, Roz studied astronomy; Rosie learned literature, Roz economics. They were similar in many ways as well. Being twins, they lived for each other. Everyone agreed that they were brilliant; they developed their own language before the age of two. They kept their own secrets.
Living in Key West allowed many outlets that growing girls never have when living amidst the concrete and traffic of the larger cities. There was a lot of interest in the upcoming world changes, like the impact of global warming on the shore line. Was Key West going to disappear, as a place and a life style?
And of course, there was the ocean, that wonderful playground that could keep them immersed for days on any number of projects. Rosie was a sailor; Roz was a power boater. 
Classes had ended for the term, Roz and Rosie were walking home,   there was much discussion; how are we going to celebrate the end of time, the end of the Mayan calendar?
“Have you been down to the Sugar Apple? There is a sign on the bulletin board about a meditation group sailing out to Boca Grande for the Solstice.” Rosie led the conversation. “I think that I might take my boat out there. It’s such a beautiful place. If the predictions are true, I want to be in a peaceful place for the end. Will you come with me?”
“Oh my goodness!” scoffed Roz, “ What makes you think that the world will end. It’s just the end of some calendar according to some ancient rock.”
“Says you. I have been studying this for years, and there is supposed to be a hole in the galaxy, right through to the center, and earth will get blasted with cosmic rays” Rosie replied.
“As if! Where do you get this stuff? Are you nuts?” said Roz. “We could just go down to Duval and watch the crazies. There’s always a party down there!”
“I don’t think so. I don’t want to go out like that, for me it needs to be a peaceful passing.” said Rosie.
In preparation, to celebrate the winter solstice, Roz decided to party. If this was going to be the end, the end of life as we know it, she was going out with a bang.  Key West always has parties for everything. Each hurricane friends visit friends, choosing the location furthest from the threat of flooding; bringing the beverages of choice that would make the roar of the wind less threatening. The hurricane party would end with roaming the decimated streets with a hangover after the damage was done. Would a party be enough to celebrate the end of the world? Roz decided that an “apocalypse party” would be great. She was going out drunk.
Rosie and her friends planned to sail to Boca Grand and have a solstice party on the beach. If the world was going to end, she was going to be watching, entering the next phase with eyes wide open.


As the moment of Galactic Alignment approached, the party on Duval Street reached a frantic level; Jager shots and laughter covered the apprehension. How would we go out? Would there be an explosion? Would there be a huge tidal wave? Worries were erased in the drunken haze of the mosh pit.
On Boca Grand things were different, sitting around the bonfire, each was sharing their moments of joy and their moments of gratitude. As the galaxy lined up, everyone stood up and joined hands. Slowly they began to sway, then move in a circle. Carried away in the trance of the druidic circle dance they had learned at the coffee mill, they didn’t notice the wave of white energy that engulfed them the moment the alignment came and went.
Rosie returned to her boat, and lay down on deck. Sleeping under the stars, being rocked by the gentle waves, Rosie had the strangest dream. She dreamed that Roz was blind.
At Boca Grand, the sun peeked over the horizon; over the crest of the silent ocean. The sky glowed with orange, pink and yellow hues dancing off the clouds sliding overhead; the air smelled of rain in the distance. There was something else special. There was a magical silence. No one spoke. Each went about their tasks to prepare for the sail back to Key West as a dance, knowing how to move, who would be present to assist. They found that conversation was no longer necessary. Each became aware that they had learned to communicate telepathically overnight; when they searched with their minds, the answers appeared. They became aware that their vibration levels had been raised. The use for voice now would be song; spontaneously, a joyful song went up. Galactic Alignment had made them higher beings.
As Rosie raised the sails on her Cal 29, she felt the breeze moving the hairs on her arms. She knew that it was blowing out of the west; it would be an easy sail back in the warm west wind. The others were raising sail as well; they would reach Key West like an armada of peace and joy.
They passed turtles on the surface of the water. Passing Woman Key a pod of dolphins joined them. As the vessels sailed downwind, the dolphin played in the bow wave, diving and jumping. Gradually, Rosie realized that she could understand what the dolphins were saying. She could understand those chirps and squeaks telepathically. She signaled to the others. They all could understand. The dolphins were welcoming them to the new world, to the new age of humanity. They were also sending visions of darkness and confusion. The sailors didn’t understand that they would find this in Key West.
They pulled into Key West Bight as the sun was starting to set. Looking to the west, they saw a green flash wink at them as the sun dropped below the horizon. “A perfect end to a perfect sail home.” thought Rosie.
The boats were tied up at the abandoned fuel dock. But the bars were crowded. People had forgotten about money, they hadn’t forgotten about beer though. The taps were open, the beer was flowing, they were staggering and passing out in the streets. The sailors instantly understood what had happened. Not all humanity had risen to the higher state, some had lost what civilization they had, they had forgotten how to be human.
Rosie’s thoughts went immediately to her dear sister, Roz. Telepathically she scanned the area, increasing her field of awareness with each moment, visualizing contacting her. She started to walk toward their home, taking care to avoid those meandering in the street. They seemed to be unaware of her presence as the kept bumping into her. She soon realized that she was invisible to them. They all were invisible. Galactic Alignment had created a rift within humanity, those of the light and those of the dark. Those of the dark had forgotten about those of the light, they simply no longer existed to them. Those of the light understood that they must create a new society, they must find another way, and live apart; those of the dark were lost. Would they ever find  each other again?

Afterword: 12/21/2012; A Number 2
#2: ”Timidity, fear, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, depressed.  You are vulnerable and easily hurt and you try to escape from all kinds of confrontation and criticism.”
#2: “You sense what other want and how they feel, you are a great team-worker and an organizational talent. You have an eye for beauty and you are often the power behind the throne. ” Numerology interpretation.
2012: “It is said that on December 21st 2012 the world will explode. Or mankind will be transformed into ascended beings—or maybe nothing will happen at all. Interesting theories, however the ideology behind the propaganda is the prime factor—not of what might happen in 2012. The Ideology of the 2012 syndrome is producing several preconceived ideas as futuristic expectations. The real truth is covertly disguised.”

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